Pipeline Project to Fuel Interest in Fort St. John Homes for Sale

The blazing LNG industry is largely responsible for the spike in property prices around the area. Prices of detached homes for sale in Fort St. John, B.C., as of October 2014, are playing around $410,200, a 10.1-percent increase from last year. This isn’t just the accomplishment of a flourishing LNG market but also of a proposed $7.9-billion dam just southwest of the city.

Experts say rising home prices are generally good if accompanied by a strong demand. LNG Country, figuratively speaking, is meeting those two factors to sustain long-term growth. As more people move into the city to work for the industry, real estate developers must keep the construction pace brisk and constant.


Fort St. John, BC Homes for Sale Get More Valuable as Industries Boom

Energetic City’s real estate market continues to be sizzling hot, and its various flourishing industries significantly influence the trend. As big companies migrate to the region to explore its rich resources, Fort St. John, BC homes for sale are getting more valuable and in-demand. Here are three sectors that investors find profitable to explore:

Agricultural Ventures

One of the latest developments in the city’s agricultural scene is the new Agricultural Land Reserve panel, where two of the three members are Peace Region locals. Northern Horizon correspondent William Stodalka has more on the story:


Tips for Turning Fort St. John, BC Homes for Sale into Green Homes

Clean energy wouldn’t be very effective if your home has energy vampires. Old heating or air conditioning systems should be switched out with their more energy-efficient counter parts as soon as possible, for example. The same should be done with your windows. Apart from saving on energy, you also get to save hundreds of dollars on your heating and cooling bills. On a side note, to save money and energy with your existing heating or cooling systems install a programmable thermostat. With a programmable thermostat you can save money and energy without even having to remember to adjust your home and away settings.


Search for Fort St. John Homes for Sale as Oil and Gas Rush Begins

Exploration and development of the new leases will surely fuel the job market, as bringing a well into service can take years to complete. Workers from all corners of the country are flocking to this vibrant cominity and enjoying the high quality of life Fort St John offers. The duration of the oil and gas hunt with such massive reserves will not end any time soon. The wages far exceed most jobs in the south of the provice.

Homebuyers should look to a REALTOR® like Scott Sauer for quality homes for sale in Fort St. John, BC. With business booming in this quaint city, those moving in for work could certainly use some help from professionals knowledgeable in the local area.


Lovely Homes for Sale in Fort St. John, BC: Close Transactions Quickly

Are you looking for lovely Fort St. John homes for sale? If so, be prepared to spend a little more than the rest of your northern B.C. neighbours. According to a report from The Alaska Highway News, prices for homes in Fort St. John have been steadily rising in recent months:

For the first time, properties in Fort St. John are now selling for an average price of over $400,000, recent data from the BC Northern Real Estate Board suggests.

This makes Fort St. John the most expensive place to buy homes in northern B.C., but as other data shows, still surprisingly affordable compared to the rest of the province.

Prices can vary month to month, the board said in its report, but for three months between March and June, the average house selling price went between $400,000 to $425,000.


Buyers: Act Now before Fort St. John Homes for Sale Get too Expensive

Scott Sauer not only has the appropriate skills and experience to manage a home purchase but can also provide useful insights on certain local factors that may affect real estate prices. I will explain why favourable economic conditions, similar to Fort St. John’s, is actually a mixed bag when looking at affordable housing.

On one hand, a good economic outlook leads to more jobs, higher income levels, and more home construction activity—signs that a city is a good place to settle down and prosper. On the other hand, job creation leads to population growth, which in turn leads to a greater demand for homes and a consequent price increase once new construction can’t keep up with demand. At present, the Fort St John housing market is on pace to match last years price increases of 10%, with the increase set to occur in mid-2014.


Commercial Property Sales in Fort St. John Brisk, May Surpass Supply

Fort St. John real estate prices still continue to rise. In 2012, growth in the local real estate market pushed average home prices up a remarkable 10 percent. This was followed by more growth in 2013 that further extended the price trend’s upward surge. Surprisingly, this isn’t deterring buyers, who continue to snatch up properties almost as quickly as they can be built.

Despite the increase in real estate prices, property sales haven’t slowed down, and now commercial land and buildings are in extreme short supply. Entrepreneurs are coming to the city with the intent of opening industrial service companies to support the gas extraction and production industries working on the Montney Formation. Unfortunately, most are simply not finding any buildings to buy or rent.