Homes for Sale: Three Tips to Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

Real estate experts are expecting a massive bump in population within Fort St. John in the coming years—especially if and when the Site C dam along the Peace River begins construction. In fact, the city has already applied to have city boundaries to accommodate the expected increase in population.

Once construction of the Site C dam is underway, you may want to consider cashing in on any real estate investments you may have in the city. After all, people moving into the city will be looking for homes for sale, right? Unfortunately, every person in the city with extra properties will be thinking the same thing.


Buyers: Act Now before Fort St. John Homes for Sale Get too Expensive

Scott Sauer not only has the appropriate skills and experience to manage a home purchase but can also provide useful insights on certain local factors that may affect real estate prices. I will explain why favourable economic conditions, similar to Fort St. John’s, is actually a mixed bag when looking at affordable housing.

On one hand, a good economic outlook leads to more jobs, higher income levels, and more home construction activity—signs that a city is a good place to settle down and prosper. On the other hand, job creation leads to population growth, which in turn leads to a greater demand for homes and a consequent price increase once new construction can’t keep up with demand. At present, the Fort St John housing market is on pace to match last years price increases of 10%, with the increase set to occur in mid-2014.