Preparing Homes for Sale: How to Know if Your Property Is Priced Right

Properly preparing your home for sale will increase your sale price and shorten the time your home stay’s on the market. With the right help from me, an experienced real estate agent, you can sell your home faster for top dollar. Among the most common recommendations by experts for staging your home: remove all clutter, pack away unusual personal items, and make cosmetic improvements. These preparations will make your home more attractive to buyers.
After these steps, you’re ready to price your home. Do you know how to price your home right? One thing to keep in mind is that the housing market is a true market. What a neighbours home sold for 6 months ago may not be an accurate reflection of your homes value today. Regional economic news can dramatically cool or heat home values.


Commercial Property Sales in Fort St. John Brisk, May Surpass Supply

Fort St. John real estate prices still continue to rise. In 2012, growth in the local real estate market pushed average home prices up a remarkable 10 percent. This was followed by more growth in 2013 that further extended the price trend’s upward surge. Surprisingly, this isn’t deterring buyers, who continue to snatch up properties almost as quickly as they can be built.

Despite the increase in real estate prices, property sales haven’t slowed down, and now commercial land and buildings are in extreme short supply. Entrepreneurs are coming to the city with the intent of opening industrial service companies to support the gas extraction and production industries working on the Montney Formation. Unfortunately, most are simply not finding any buildings to buy or rent.